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December 11, 2013

Handyman Professionals Versus Fly-By-Night Amateurs

One of the great things about the handyman profession is that there is a lot of variety in what you can do or specialize in. Of course, one of the shortcomings is that just about anyone can claim to be a handyman, often at the expense of the industry as a whole. To show your customers that you are a true handyman professional, and not just a fly-by-night guy who owns a hammer and handsaw, keep these suggestions in mind:
• Get certified. Associate yourself with groups that better the entire business, like the Association of Certified Handyman Professionals. Don’t just put these logos on your business card or website; give a brief description to your customers of what you did to attain that certification.
• Get referrals. Unfortunately, many people are not prompted to talk about a particular business to friends unless something bad happens. Encourage your satisfied clients to give you positive reviews, either online or for printed materials that talk about your handyman business. Prove that you are reputable and have happy clients to confirm it.
• Get your name out there. You may be the most talented handyman professional in your area, but if you rely on word-of-mouth recommendations alone, you won’t reach your full earning potential. Create a well-written and easily-navigated website to show potential clients that proves you are established. You should also build up a following on social media platforms because numbers talk when it comes to people who “like” or “follow” you.

November 30, 2013

Handyman Insurance – US and Canada

Handyman Membership benefit when you become an ACHP Member – access to the ACHP Insurance Program – providing an affordable and easy-to-access option for General Liability insurance.

Securing certification through the ACHP is a sign of success and reliability. The perfect complement to your ACHP certification is a general liability coverage certificate – and assures your customers you are serious about the work that you do. Watch our handyman liability insurance video about the ACHP Insurance Program.

    Need handyman insurance in the US?

Need handyman insurance in Canada? Check out our ACHP-Canada Insurance Program

September 12, 2013

Your Nose Can Make All the Difference for Healthy Living

Mold has a distinct odor. If you have been in a home that has mold you’re probably familiar with the odor I’m talking about. 

If you smell it, it’s there! If you suspect a home has mold, explain to the owner of the home they might have it. If you don’t have a nose for it, train it. 

Have them contact a licensed mold specialist. For liability reasons, don’t mess with it. Leave it to those trained and licensed for this. It is most dangerous when air born.

Easy-Peasy Lemon-Squeezee.

August 31, 2013

Gutter Clutter

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Handyman Association
Association of Certified Handyman Professionals – September 2013 – This is an excellent time of year to offer gutter cleaning services. For the next few months leaves will invade gutters all over the country. With a simple extension ladder and a bucket you can help your customer prep the home for winter. Pull out the leaves, twigs, plant growth, and roof shingle granules. Don’t forget the spouts.

A leaf blower is a quicker but messier way to clean gutters and roof valleys.

Please practice the 1:4 ratio rule. The ladder should be placed 1 foot away from the wall for every 4 feet. For example: An 8ft extended ladder’s feet should be 2 feet away from the wall.

August 21, 2013

Mid-Year Tax Tips For Small Business Owners

The Association of Certified Handyman Professionals – August 21, 2013    You are probably still winding down from your busiest months of the year. As you close up homes for the colder months and finish up those last few home improvement projects of the summer, take some time to evaluate your accounting – specifically, your tax documentation. This is a great time to give your business finances a “check-up.”

Do not wait until the end of the year to frantically track down all of your receipts, deductions and revenue sources. Go through the file drawer, computer program or shoebox that you use for your tax documentation and get it organized. Even if you do not touch it again until January, at least you will have over half of a year of business in order.

Small business owners should take these tips into account when chronicling their tax liability.

1. Deduct home office expenses. This may include utilities, insurance and even home repairs.

2. Deduct vehicle use. As a handyman, you do all of your business outside of your home and can deduct the mileage for all of your work trips. Look back over the jobs that you have done to date for 2012 and be sure that you have recorded your mileage for each one. Calculate your total to date.

3. Find ways to take as many small business deductions as possible. Make sure that your employee records are up to date, as well as any other financial transactions. Money that you put into a retirement fund may also be tax deductible, as well as interest on any business debts.

4. Fill in holes. If you are missing documentation or information in your records, take the time to fill in the gaps. Track down any missing details so that you have less to find when tax season rolls around.

Being an ACHP member is about more than finding business, it is about being part of your industry, networking, and supporting the greater good, helping set standards, and growth for all.

Give your business the credibility it needs.  As a member you will receive key benefits that will help you when you need it most.  Membership proves your success and reliability as a competent professional. Having an ACHP Certification also demonstrates that you have the knowledge and credibility to deliver quality customer service and craftsmanship as a handyman.


The Association of Certified Handyman Professionals™


Join the fastest growing handyman association in the US, Canada, and UK.  ACHP is dedicated to improving the handyman industry.  Open to all who qualify.


July 27, 2013

Handyman News – Heat Overload

MP900321111Customer’s will not put there lives in jeopardy neither should you.  Because of the summer heat, the handyman is called upon to do the dangerous task of working in the boiling heat of summer. For instance, performing tasks such as replacing wood rot, such as siding, fascia, soffits etc.

In the summer months, heat and humidity combine to slow evaporation of sweat from the body. Therefore, outdoor work becomes dangerous even for those handymen in decent shape.

Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.  Slow down and cool off when feeling fatigued, a headache, a high pulse rate or shallow breathing. Overheating can cause serious, even life-threatening conditions such as heat stroke.  Don’t be a hero and push yourself beyond what you’re body can handle.

Symptoms you should know:

Heat cramping:  Muscles tend to “cramp up” during the heat.  This is your body telling you it’s losing salts and necessary fluids that will need replenishing and rest.

Heat syncope or fainting: light headed, dizziness, and drop in blood pressure.  Your body is trying to tell you to stop and seek shade immediately – last warning before the inevitable.

Heat exhaustion: When your body temperature rises your body sweats out salts along with fluids.  The body will slowly shut down and render you unable to perform and think clearly.  Replenish those fluids consistently.

Heatstroke: In some cases extreme heat can upset the body’s thermostat, causing body temperature to rise to 105 degrees or higher. Symptoms are lethargy, confusion and unconsciousness. Even a suspicion that someone might be suffering from heatstroke requires immediate medical aid. Heatstroke can kill.

** you should always start drinking plenty of water the night before you perform the task as well as during. 

This safety message is brought to you by the Association of Certified Handyman Professionals. 

Being a member of The Association of Certified Handyman Professionals™ is about more than finding business, it is about being part of your industry and supporting the greater good, helping set standards, and growth for our industry.

Having an ACHP Certification proves your success and credibility as a professional handyman.  A serious handyman is an ACHP certified handyman. 

Join the fastest growing handyman association in the US, Canada, and UK.  ACHP is dedicated to improving the handyman industry.  Open to all who qualify.

July 10, 2013

Handyman Insurance – Canada and the UK










The Association of Certified Handyman Professionals (ACHP) currently offers handyman insurance for US members and is currently in discussions with its carrier to provide coverage in CANADA and the United Kingdom (UK).  Are you interested in lower insurance rates?  Please send us an email at: with how much you are over paying a yr and if you’re interested in cheaper group rates.  We will not contact you.  We are trying to build a case to get insurance to both countries.  We cannot achieve success unless we hear from Canadian and UK handymen.

June 2, 2013

Electrical cover plates

Too many times we see electrical boxes without cover plates. They are intended to contain fire and prevent electric shock from exposed wires. This is a safety hazard due to the risk of fire and shock. Cover plates should be installed where missing.

See it, Say it, Fix it.

Easy Peezy Lemon Squeezee

Become a member of the Association of Certified Handyman Professionals.

Anti-Tip Brackets

Another idea you can add to your arsenal of services is installing an anti-tip bracket kit.

An oven range can easy tip forward relatively easy should a child (or teenager) open the oven door and use the door as a step ladder or if heavy objects are dropped on it. Anti-tip brackets have been sold with all free standing ranges since 1985. An anti-tip bracket should be installed to eliminate this safety hazard.

Anti-tip brackets are require for any floor standing oven range.

Brought to you by the Association of Certified Handyman Professionals.

Become a certified handyman professional.

May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day from the Handyman Association

The Association of Certified Handyman Professionals would like to wish all a Happy and Safe Memorial Day!

Honor the lost and thank a veteran.

Tid Bit: Memorial day was originally called Decoration Day to honor those fallen in the American Civil War.

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